Possessor ★★★½

The gnarliest film for the rest of this decade. 

Simultaneously a visual treat with its lighting, dreamlike atmosphere and monochromatic scenes; and a visual nightmare with its gratuitous, unfathomable brutality.

Honestly, not sure if all of the violence is justified. It carries no narrative weight—I guess on a technical level, it’s impressive. The shock-factor detracted from the film’s strength: its intriguing but glossed over sci-fi elements.

There will be audiences who enjoy those fruits of ambiguity; personally, it sometimes rang empty. I felt whenever Possessor was on the brink of brilliance, it resorted to bludgeoning bloodshed.

However one thing rings true: young Cronenberg has a unique and visceral vision. And if you’re not ready for Possessor, it will devour you.

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