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  • The Power of the Dog
  • The Lost Daughter
  • Memoria

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  • Scream




    Scream above anything else offers a homage to the previous films, even at the expense of a coherent narrative. It’s hyper focused this time around at being self aware and referential with its focus on legacy characters like horror reboots are doing these days. While it’s fun to see Dewey, Gale and Sidney back they feel more forced in than a natural fit for the story. As such, the narrative becomes rather messy in an attempt for new and…

  • Eternals



    My god this was tedious and boring. Zhao sold her soul here and it crushes my soul. Every character here is as lifeless and non-descript as a plank of wood. Each super hero has nothing unqiue about them. There are so many redundant fight scenes and monotonous talky scenes that go on and on. I feel my brain shrivelling up as if I'm going through a stroke. If this is what the furture of super hero films is supposed to be then just kill me now. Scorcese was right, Marvel needs to die. Peace out folks.

Popular reviews

  • The Hand of God

    The Hand of God



    The Hand of God could have been a poignant coming of age film but it’s far too slow, aimless and meandering that the whole ordeal feels a bit shallow. It’s beautifully shot with some of the best cinematography of the year but it’s all style and no substance. Instead of having a fully formed plot it’s more a set of sequences strung together with no emotional through line. As such, I felt rather disconnected and cold to the rather…

  • House of Gucci

    House of Gucci


    House of Gucci is an atrocious mess and one of the worst films I’ve seen all year. Instead of going for full on camp the film is this deadly serious drama with some awkward humour thrown in that reminded me of The Room. The plot is nonsensical, with no momentum or rhythm whatsoever as it sloppily meanders in its 2 and a half hour story. The characters and script are laughably thin with no complexities to be found. It’s just…