Taste of Cherry

Taste of Cherry ★★★★★

When I was 22, Oslo 31 August gave me hope by giving me a reflective mirror to the mental state I was in. I was deep in a trench without any light and it felt like someone hugging me and telling me it was okay. I wish I had Taste of Cherry to follow it up.

Taste of Cherry, though dealing with suicide, isn't as downtrodden as the former, in fact it's a bright light of hope. It shows how powerful the simple pleasures of life can be, even if it's just within a sunset or under a cherry tree, or in the sweet taste of a mulberry.

Shot with non professional actors, and completely improvised, Taste of Cherry is one of the most un-intrusive and calming movies ever put to screen, despite it's subject matter. Taste of Cherry never feels like you're watching a movie, but Abbas Kiarostami also acknowledges that there is a real world outside of this movie with real people who have real feelings like Mr. Badii, and hopes that once you reach the finale you might change your mind about the beauty in life and hold off, even if it's for a moment longer, of falling into your silent darkness.

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