The Breakfast Club ★★★★

“We all either underestimate each other, or else exaggerate each other’s virtues. Very few people are capable of assessing others as they deserve. It is a particular gift. In fact I would even say that only the great are capable of it.” - Andrei Tarkovsky

Oh... that's so cliché...
This is the movie that made cliché a thing you peasants!
The Breakfast Club stands as tall today as it did in 85' and in the sharpest of fashion might I add, even though stereotypes have since changed and the world is an ever-evolving place. It breaks down the molds between us as the group moves past surface level judgments and into reminiscing over the similar affinities and burdens of existence. We can all walk into a room thinking we’re all so different from each other, smarter than the next, more unique, distant perhaps just for the sake of a perceived individuality. And we need these feelings as they help us know who we are ourselves. But my God we’re all so similar. Put a bunch of people in a room, one’s you may not like, one’s you may think you don’t like or have nothing to relate with and give it some time, watch. Community and our place in it is something we strive for, yearn for, as it gives us a greater sense of meaning. And in the chaos of life when do you really have time to sit down and get to know someone the old-fashioned way, the emptiness of the school not just from detention but the vapid shots of barren hallways showcase intent for isolation within a group before things even get started. Things such as that are thought out well beyond the typical rom-com before or Hughes imitator after. People easily forget this was the first time teen’s finally felt they had a cinematic voice, as their stories weren’t being told near enough, however here make no mistake thematically it’s more compelling to the adult sensibilities within me. At first you find the villain teacher to be a tad over the top in its approach, but even then the scene where him and Janitor talk about how they would view themselves back in the day redeems mini anchors you could potentially find for the film. Yet in The Breakfast Club you come to realize how genuine the person right beside you can truly be. A dissection of consociation that furthers our own understanding of how to empathize with others. And what better way to do all this than to rebel with your peers in the process.

“We’re all pretty bizarre, some of us are just better at hiding it, that’s all”

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