Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★½

It has been a whole year and not one single movie has come out and had me saying "This was a masterpiece". I mean there is at least one every year and to be honest I wasn't amazed by any movie this year (I don't count Endgame, because that ain't for not-MCU fans) and this whole summer not one really interesting movie had came out. So all of my hopes were into this. My most anticipated film of the year. By my favorite director, starring my favorite actor. This should have been a masterpiece...

...And it damn was.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is one of the most enjoyable movies I have ever seen. This thing is close to three hours and every single second of it just flew by without me even noticing! While it has no plot or real story it is so fantastically fast and fun that I loved it!

Technically Tarantino is just a master. You know that this will be a beautiful, well directed, well thought out, amazingly paced, with amazing music enjoyable picture. But damn he really did that time shine in the screen. I mean everything is so damn real and yeah after watching his last three pictures it should not be a surprise, but damn it was beautiful. The settings, the cars, the cinemas, just everything!

Now DiCaprio was amazing. He gives another tremendous performance here and kinda makes up for his four year absence. I mean he is incredible. But there seriously is a show-steeler in the name of Brad Pitt, who might actually give the performance of a life time, being so funny and so damn charming and so fantastic. He can be called the comic relief here, but damn he is hilarious.

Actually this is the funniest film I have seen all year. The humor is brilliant! There are some really effective and hilarious punch lines, but there is also humor coming from the way a scene is shot and edited, or even by small hints of sarcasm or anything.

Now the plot of this things is basically nothing and that gives a lot of freedom to the screenwriter to have some really realistic, everyday scenes that would feel like filler in any other movie. In fact the whole movie could be described filler or pointless, but that's just the style of it and the whole point.

And that gives you fantastic scenes of two characters watching a film and commenting, two characters getting drunk or high or someone having an outburst or a million other things and it is damn entertaining. I mean that's the best way to describe this movie: ENTERTAINING! And damn it is!

And the third act is just brilliant! What it achieves and the way every single small detail is so brilliantly set up and put together makes it even funnier. I mean the last thirty minutes are some of the best scenes of the whole decade! Funny, brilliant and perfectly made! Honestly I could watch this film again right now without a single second thought!

I fucking love Tarantino and he proved once more how brilliant he is!


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