Suicide Squad ★★

No offence to Viola Davis' character but that was maybe the worst idea anyone's ever had, after casting Jared Leto in this or any film.

I don't know how to feel about this movie bc I'm underwhelmed, but not too underwhelmed, because I was fully expecting it to be a pile of dog shit and that's what I got. AND YET. MARGOT ROBBIE SHOOK MY ENTIRE HEART AND SOUL AND BRAIN LIKE. I CAN HEAR IT RATTLING AROUND UP THERE, IT'S STILL SO SHOOK TF UP!!!

The overall tone was less 'welcome to my twisted mind' than I expected and even kinda gave me the heebie jeebies at times. I feel like it could have actually been something if it weren't for the shoddy editing job. I couldn't discern an actual arc, but I think there must have been one at some point before so much got cut that what was left ended up being more akin to a 2 hour trailer than an actual movie?? Like,, there weren't even scenes??? It was just little snippets of what I assume were scenes before some major WB meddling or whatever. The first half an hour was more like an infomercial than anything else.

Legitimately tho the characters were so good! Margot Robbie knocked my fuckin head off and then she and Will Smith used it to play baseball. Viola Davis is a master of her craft and I can't BELIEVE she has the gall 2 keep showing up in movies and out-acting everyone!!! Honestly the worst part of this film was the fact that it actually had potential and they squandered all of it!!!!!!!! That and Jared Leto's """performance""" if u can even call it that which u straight up can't. But anyway I'd be lying if I said I didn't like it more than I thought I would. *shrug*

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