Before Sunset ★★★★★

listen i was gonna write a joke abt how my grades would be better if richard linklater directed 90-min filmès abt cellular respiration and the krebs cycle or something but it's almost midnight and these are Real Soft Hours for me so 

i've never been in love™ and frankly i am Terrified of it so i cant really vouch for the authenticity of this movie ((although i highly doubt that it's inaccurate)), but i can tell you this: i loved Sunrise bec it showed the kind of romantic love that im used to seeing, that i see in my everyday life with the people in love around me, the kind that doesnt need a sad background score or an airport chase scene to make you empathize with them and to know that they are, in fact, in love. Sunset, on the other hand, i loved bec it showed the kind of love that i feel no one really talks about, the kind that's messy and frustrating and the kind that terrifies the shit out of me. the kind that's more common than the kind of love in Sunrise, and the kind that no one ever really admits to feeling. i'll admit that seeing this intensified my fear of being in love, knowing that someday i'm gonna have all the same messiness and frustration, but it also made me feel, i dont know,,,, excited? excited that someday im gonna feel exactly the way jesse did when celine told him he was gonna miss his plane, and somehow that thought makes all this fear and anxiety worthwhile.

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