Planes, Trains and Automobiles ★★★★★

Every year I say I'm going to review this film. I've only seen this film every year for probably 15 years straight. Anyway this film is hilarious. It's probably without question my favorite John Hughes film. John Candy and Steve Martin are one of the best comedic duos put to film, and it is a crime they didn't do more films together. John Candy is aboustuly perfect so much of the funniest moments come from his face alone. Musical cues are also pretty perfect. My favorite scene is probably the first hotel room scene. From the shot of the bed and John Candy's through the pillows scene. My parents would always mute the car rental scene I always wish they didn't because it is one of the scenes in the film. Let me see if I'm forgetting anything oh and this film has one of the greatest cameos ever courtesy of Kevin Bacon.

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