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  • Come to Daddy


  • Come to Daddy


  • Parasite


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  • Pulse


    I may be unfairly reviewing this, because I honestly don’t remember much of it, but I kinda had to write about it here because there’s a scene in it where a household ink-jet printer gets possessed and starts printing out random pages with pieces of an image on it, and when the images are pieced together they all form one giant seamless image of a dead person. So it’s fascinating to think that some kind of ghost figures out how…

  • Creepin'


    A lot of the times I find myself listening to Weird Al Yankovich and naively thinking “man, his job seems so easy, everything is done for him, he just has to change the words to silly ones”. Well, someone saw Scary Movie and thought the same thing as me with Weird Al. But a movie is a little different than a Coolio song and takes a little more work than changing the words. Half a star (for getting it on Letterboxd). Which makes it a favorite, obviously.