La Ciénaga

La Ciénaga ★★★★

I suppose this is how Nuestro Tiempo and Y Tu Mama Tambien start out, Just like La Cienaga these movie start with an expressionistic take on the spirit of life in Latina in a particular summary swampy setting, the savage boundless exploration of nature, children playing in the dirt, testing each other's limits in games, fights, and romance. Parents that almost don't care about the kids but they do if their own vices leave room, kids with scratches and serious injuries but it all seems rather mundane, not surprising at all, a rare raw primitive state of being. Boundless and beautiful. La Cienaga is different from the aformentioned movies in the way that it does not let go of the chaos. It doesn't change the scenery, doesn't need to, really. It stays there in the ambiguity that comes with the rain, the heat, the unknown. It's not afraid of it, it actually thrives in the spectacular atmosphere it creates.

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