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  • Paddleton



    This is one of the movies I've filrted for a while before I actually sat down to watch it. Because even few scenes is enough for me to intuitively know I'm faced with a gloomy dramatic story so I rather not see it; specially now that I'm so down myself. But curiosity wins, I watched it and it broke my heart. Again and again... Maybe there was humor in it somewhere, about the weird relationship of these two men, but…

  • Boss Level

    Boss Level


    The screenplay was actually creative except for the main idea of the movie that has been done over and over again in different movies, but it didn't bother me much. Frank Grillo handles being the lead role very well and boy is he hot! The action scenes are well-shot and I enjoyed the whole experience of watching this movie as a thriller, I would have given it four stars if the last twenty minutes didn't drag like it did.

  • Wrath of Man

    Wrath of Man


    Guy Ritchie is good when he tries hard, and he has tried hard for this one. I never thought I could see Statham this serious, this dark, but he is, and he pulls it off. Although there’s not much humor to go around, even with all the she instead of he jokes, and the gay jokes, all are futile attempts at comedy but that doesn't matter much as this movie creates lots of intensity, and that's where it excells, so…

  • The Frog

    The Frog


    The Frog lacks in the acting department, the main roles played by Saber Abar, Navdi Mohammadzade, and Sahar Dolatshahi are void of any chemistry, they are not in touch with their characters and the world of people around them. It's just pure random acting with no real effort/result; On the other hand, actors with less experience or less important roles deliever much better performances. 
    The script is weak in writing appropriate dialogues, in fact, three of characters speak the same…

  • Love on the Run

    Love on the Run


    There’s something about Antoine that makes me feel eternally nostalgic, he takes it in, he absorbs everything, simply put, he's full of life. Even as an adult Antoine is still the same free-spirited spontaneous nonchalant person he was as a teenager. The women he's been intimate with criticize him on this and that, and actually, Antoine is the least judgmental of them all, but he doesn't care what other people think, if he wants to hop on a train and explore something, he does just that with little respect to the consequences.

  • The Verdict

    The Verdict


    There's a certain sincerity and simplicity to the narration of this picture that takes you in, it doesn't try to come over the top and that's comforting. I mean after 25 minutes you can even guess how the movie’s going to turn out but it's still amusing to watch it unfold. Paul Newman was definitely impressive, again very simple and sincere too.

  • Liquid Sky

    Liquid Sky


    I believe the screenwriter knew that this movie’s going to be a fine experience for the people that get high, and there aren't a lot of movies like this, so I appreciate the gesture. Thanks. It was fun, kinda stressful at times, kinda brutal, even thought provoking, it was the right amount of everything I needed it to be.

  • Spun



    Watching this last night I realized I had watched it many years ago, but forgot about the name and everything. I was a kid, and honestly couldn't connect with this trippy picture; minus the romantic whatever bits everything else feels like an amazing psychedelic journey, as unconventional as it gets are the relationships between characters, and cause and effect dynamic is far from anything logical. Bottom line is I'm a big fan of this trippy short shots camera work, so I really liked this one.

  • The Guest

    The Guest


    The Guest is one of those different kind of movies, it’s unconventional in its narration, taking it pretty methodically the first-half, turns into a fine action thriller the second half. The lead actor did pretty well to keep things interesting, he both looked and acted the part.

    Again, we’re not convinced why he's become the mad man he is now, but we just like to see him go nuts so it doesn't matter. The script sure as shit keeps it all very interesting.

    Last but not least, the soundtrack was chosen masterfully and I really enjoyed it, big thumbs up.

  • Honey Boy

    Honey Boy


    There are tons of films with similar themes, and honestly, this could get lost in that pile very easily; but it stands out thanks to the strong acting, Shia is always entertaining to watch, but this one had a nice poisonous sting to it which I loved. Noah Jupe is as good as you expect a child actor to be, although Lucas Hedges doesn't have lots of face time, he still plays a big role in setting the tone, he is without a doubt one of the better actors of his generation.

  • Secret Window

    Secret Window


    The movie builds up to an amazing last ten minutes, all the build-up pays off, and the little clues make sense. What's really important is to point out the psychological side of things as subtly as possible, and this movie does that. I can't say we don't have any movies that turn out like this, but what matters is, it leaves you amused if not surprised. Johnny Depp gives a very good performance minus the Southern accent. Although the marvelous…

  • Under the Silver Lake

    Under the Silver Lake


    After rewatching ”It Follows” a couple of times, I liked the movie more and more, stunning cinematography that gets you every time, so I was hyped to see how Robert Mitchell and Mike Gioulakis collaboration would turn out this time. 

    They managed to match cinematography flawlessly with this futuristic noire piece, and the score was innovative and appropriate at all times. Our smart but penniless protagonist gets caught up in a mystery, and the source of conspiracy is crazier that…