Black Christmas

Black Christmas ★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

Most of us probably think of Jamie Lee Curtis as the original scream queen. But five years before Laurie Strode set the long-lasting slasher trend of the virginal final girl in Halloween, Black Christmas offered a different kind of horror heroine. In fact, Olivia Hussey’s Jess Bradford was not only sexually active but (spoiler alert) pregnant, with plans to undergo an abortion against her boyfriend’s wishes. In this year’s Blumhouse reboot of the Bob Clark original, director and writer Sophia Takal clearly takes inspiration from Jess by centering on a woman trying to reclaim her body in the face of angry, bigoted men. But instead of replicating the nuance of its 1974 source material, Takal’s Black Christmas delivers its message with all the subtlety of a snow shovel to the head—and not even in a fun way.

It would have been enough for Black Christmas to be by women and about women, but somewhere along the way, I suspect the studio decided to make this movie “for women,” too… which, besides being absolutely meaningless, never works.


also who noticed that one srat’s house number was 1974!!!

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