• A Boy Called Christmas

    A Boy Called Christmas


    This Christmas film is well made but boy is it so incredibly uninteresting. I think I would've liked it better if I had watched it with my family rather than just on my own. It just felt too long, when I thought it was over I realized there were still 30 minutes left in the film. I really loved Stephen Merchant as Miika the Mouse though!

  • Kingsman: The Secret Service

    Kingsman: The Secret Service


    I don't believe I've rewatched either of The Kingsman films since they were out in theatres but luckily the first one still holds up to me. I think the spoof gimmick of spy movies is done rather well and doesn't get cheesy or annoying. I really love Colin Firth and Taron Egerton here. Samuel L Jackson really made a choice with that voice though, didn't he? Also the action, especially the church scene, still slaps.

  • Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills

    Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills


    This is probably the heaviest documentary I've sat through. It is bleak. I've known about the West Memphis 3 story for a few years now because I watch a lot of true crime content on YouTube. I've been meaning to watch Paradise Lost for quite a while. Even today I still don't know what to believe about this case. I'm looking forward to checking out the two other documentaries in this series.

  • 'Twas the Fight Before Christmas

    'Twas the Fight Before Christmas


    Oh, the trials and tribulations of White Suburbia.

    This documentary is absolutely insane like I cannot believe this is real. If you told me this was a mockumentary before I watched this I would've believed you the whole way through. I thoroughly enjoyed this, the conflict is legitimately so funny, especially how Jeremy Morris spins it. I think almost everyone is the asshole in the situation but especially Jeremy Morris. I can't believe he agreed to the documentary, because it…

  • Spirited Away

    Spirited Away


    I just don't think Studio Ghibli is for me and that's my truth

  • The Adventures of Prince Achmed

    The Adventures of Prince Achmed


    The Adventures of Prince Achmed tells some of the familiar stories from "The Arabian Nights" and the way these stories are told is sublime. This is genuinely such impressive animation, and this is the oldest surviving piece of animation too? Super cool. It's quite engaging, though it does have some issues. But overall it's phenomenal and needs to be seen.

  • Spider-Man



    I haven't watched this in well over a decade and you know what? Little me sure had taste. I love everything about this Spider-Man film. Tobey Maguire is a great Peter Parker, I absolutely love how crazy Willem Dafoe goes. Fucking Macho Man Randy Savage makes an appearance. The romance between Peter and Mary Jane, THE KISS! I love this movie. Also of note: Hero by Chad Kroeger and Josey Scott.

  • Jimi Plays Monterey

    Jimi Plays Monterey


    Hendrix really was one of the best to ever do it! I absolutely loved watching him do Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone" and "Wild Thing". This was nice and short to sit through and honestly I wish it was longer. Oh also, the live painter at the very beginning was so damn cool.

  • West Side Story

    West Side Story


    Mainly watched this for the upcoming remake next month. I didn't really like it, like I'd rather just watch Romeo and Juliet than this. Some of the songs were all right but I found the choreography to be super cringey and I got bored too. Also what the fuck was that blurring when Tony and Maria saw each other for the first time?

  • CODA



    I thought the family elements of this story were so strong, I especially liked the dad and brother. I was less interested in the musical aspects of it but I get that it makes sense as a contrast. I also find that there are some problematic and unrealistic elements to the deaf representation but overall it's nice and cute.

  • Unforgiven



    Unforgiven takes a long time to get going but when the action finally takes off it’s awesome. Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman are especially great in this as they portray retired bounty hunters going back from one last mission. My dad really loved this.

  • Steamboat Bill, Jr.

    Steamboat Bill, Jr.


    Buster Keaton doing what he does best. This one wasn't my favourite storywise but boy did the stunts in this slap. Also it's super cute that this inspired Mickey Mouse's debut Steamboat Willie. Gosh I love ya Buster.