The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★½

emma stone and rachel weisz fighting over olivia colman???? YES PLEASE!!!!!

i loved this movie for a lot of different reasons. it totally came through in all measurable facet, most prominently the astounding directing, cinematography, costumes, score, location, and most importantly, the acting of three lead actresses. olivia colman's performance is without a doubt oscar worthy but stone and weisz's are also worthy of recognition.

the only reason that kept me from giving this a five is it's inaccuracy. as a historical drama, it is very important to deliver absolute facts as much as possible and to know that a lot of major scenes were merely based on assumptions, some even are completely made up (including the whole area of lesbianism and abigail poisoning sarah) makes this somewhat misleading.

still one of 2018's best, i believe.

yes! the poster is as good as the movie

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