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  • Our Paradise

    Our Paradise


    am i the only person who loves this little movie! sex workers getting to be serial killers instead of their victims is a role reversal at really works for me, especially with the themes. dehumanization goes both ways, babie. gaël morel leans into very french psychological angles here, its almost clinical, which tends to be rather uncinematic, but i prefer it over overly stylized waves. his sense has never left the 90’s in a way i appreciate. also, stéphane rideau is still so cute. this movie is the reason someday soon by harlem is still in my top played.

  • Home Movie: The Princess Bride

    Home Movie: The Princess Bride

    theres really something happening here. someday film majors will write thesis on why the quarantine reverted celebrities into high school drama kids making parody videos on youtube in the early 2000’s. this separates the people who own party city wigs from the people who are willing to draw on their face with marker, the people who own lightsabers and the ones who had to earnestly use umbrellas (or a baguette among several other things). i see you mr bardem and…

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  • Greener Grass

    Greener Grass

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    when she rips out her braces in the rearview mirror of her golfcart... i mean... is there anything more poetic?

  • Sam Jay: 3 in the Morning

    Sam Jay: 3 in the Morning


    like i would be sams friend but i would yell at her too like tiddies on point... politics questionable. shes right about white women, but the gender essentialism was so hypocritical
    like you need a trans women to defend you against men? but sexual assault victims should have just fought their abuser? THAT DONT MAKE ANY SENSE
    im not blindly politically correct, but like there has to be a joke... or insight? her personal stuff is gold, but the more vague social commentary was less than inspired... watching this is a little like having a crush on a charming asshole.