Dark Waters ★★★

"Fuck you, hick."

Dark Waters is an important film that unfortunately unravels in a very didactic and technical way that doesn't move the story forward in an engaging manner. On the flipside, it's not really boring, and the actors execute their performances well.

"The system is rigged."

In the vein of A Civil Action, Little Pink House, and Erin Brockovitch, it's about little people who make the choice to fight against big, corrupt corporations against all odds. It details the fight that Parkersburg, Virginia, lawyer Rob Bilott (Mark Ruffalo) took against Dupont. It took several years and Bilott was attacked by the very people he was trying to help. Recommended for Mark Ruffalo's performance and for Todd Haynes' effort to show us that chemical dumping is bad and WHY. We may have already known this, but at least word is getting out there for anyone who didn't already know: Teflon and too much fluoride is harmful.

Also, Haynes' trusty DP Edward Lachman did the cinematography for this film. Absolutely no complaints there.

Anne Hathaway's hair is also a character in this film.

Vegan alert:
-Reference to 190 cows dying
-Picture of boy milking cows
-Detached cow parts shown: hoof, teeth, gall
-Diseased cow shot
-Footage of dead cows
-Eggs and bacon are ordered
-Tuna melt
-Hurt dog
-Reference to testing on monkeys
-Pictures of lab rats cut open
-Taking family to Arby's

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