Hereditary ★★★

I rewatched this movie tonight with friends, because I was re-evaluating Toni Collette's performance. It still holds up against an imperfect story that gets a little cray toward the end. There is some inconsistency as tongue clicks galore abound. Alex Wolff is great except for when he cries.

The people I was watching it with wondered how I could sit through it a second time, so really, watching it with a better crowd would have been key.

The good news is that I'm starting a podcast and was already planning on including this, as a sort of Toni Collette vs. Glenn Close discussion. Weigh in on Twitter if you want to see this happen. I've recorded the audio already and am working on a theme song. I hope to have episode one up pretty soon.

Vegan alert:
-There is a dead bird shown and its head is cut off.
-Roadkill is shown.
-Chicken at the dinner table
-Quick shot of a dead dog

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