Pig ★★½

“This isn't real.”

Honestly, I was really disappointed by Pig so I hadn't posted a review sooner. I ended up watching it three times, trying to find something good about it.

Probably my favorite part was when Rob (Nicolas Cage) starts to questions reality. Alex Wolff is great as Amir, on one hand, but the character is very tacky.

I am happy for those people out there who are enjoying the film, but I think it breaks one of the most important rules of screenwriting (see the spoiler review to find out what it is). It's a shame that they got top talent to act in this when (first-time) writer/director Michael Sarnoski needs to be sent back to film school.

Vegan alert:
-Kidnapped pig
-Pig screaming
-People threaten to kill pig
-Additional torture to animals
-Slaughterhouse sequence
-Amir asks Rob if he abuses his pig sexually
-Amir calls pig names
-Reference to liver scotch eggs with a curry honey mustard
-Duck is prepared

Vegan points:
-Rob explains what a persimmon is to a kid.
-Rob loves his pig (there really should have been a heartwarming montage after this confession, though).

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