The Biggest Little Farm

The Biggest Little Farm ★★★½

"Intent alone is not a protector."

Monday night, I saw an inspiring documentary that my friends had raved about. It's about John Chester and Molly Chester who start Apricot Lane Farms with the help of investors and a goal to live in harmony with nature. It takes place over a period of about 10 years. They go through changes, many deaths, and they also welcome their first son, Beauden.

There are fluffy dogs, a small tiny bunny, pigs being birthed, and much more cuteness. They depend on the ecosystem to make everything work together. However, John Chester talked about when his idealism was compromised when he had to shoot a coyote. It's hard to blame him when hundreds of chickens were turning up dead. Most of their business came from selling eggs. As a vegan, I am opposed to human consumption of eggs. However, when I went vegan 2.5 years ago, eggs were probably the hardest to give up! I understand.

Of course, I dream of having a vegan farm one day. I have a nice little vegan garden, so I was impressed by the endless fruit trees at Apricot Lane: they have over 75 varieties of stone fruit alone. Checking out their site, it seems tours of the farm are $100/person. That seems a little steep as several other farms and sanctuaries offer tours for much less. However, Apricot Lane Farms is organic and bio-dynamic and seeks to be regenerative too. I was ultimately impressed by them, even though our eating styles seem to be a bit different.

Q&A with director John Chester

Vegan alert:
-Bone broth
-Dogs to be fostered kept in tiny pen
-Reference to euthanizing dogs
-Hive with dead bees
-Reference to Egg City
-Chicks sent through the mail
-They bought a pig named Ugly Betty
-Cracking an abnormally sized egg to find another egg
-They sell their eggs
-Their pig was suffering from mastitis and suffered for a very long time
-Fed the sick pig what looked like cheese
-They had to euthanize a baby lamb whose intestines were shown on the exterior of its body
-Slugs all over the sheep
-Dragging a bloated sheep
-Showing hogs being weighed before they were shipped off to be slaughtered
-Feeding pigs what looked like cow milk
-So many dead roosters and hens (over 230). We see their bloody and destroyed bodies
-Dead coyote and hurt coyote
-Dog(s) licking lamb
-Dead dog
-Bloody dog reveals that it preyed on farm animals
-Meat tray

Vegan points:
-They renamed Ugly Betty: "Emma"
-Bottle feeding orphaned lamb
-Veggie trays
-Overall, planting lots of fruits and vegetables which encourage biodiversity and are regenerative

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