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  • Sound of Metal

    Sound of Metal


    About twelve years ago I watched my mother very rapidly go from being partially blind, which she had been for almost sixty years, to being competely blind in the span of just a few months. Watching Riz Ahmed portray the grief of a loss of something that is so vital to our humanity brought me back to my mother's fits of crying and anger during that time of her vision loss. She could not accept that her own body and…

  • Parasite



    My body was ready. My soul was ready... My mind was not ready.

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  • Mangrove



    "We mustn't be victims, but protagonists of our stories..."

    This isn't just television. This is cinema.

    Steve McQueen is the kind of barn burning talent that comes along only once in a generation and rarely do we get to see a talent like his working at the height of their powers - a black director making black films - during such a crucial point in racial history. With such a firm and succinct command over the camera and the narrative…

  • The Sound of Music

    The Sound of Music


    This is not a nostalgia piece for me. I didn't grow up with it like so many of you and so many of my friends did and it's taken me a long, LONG time to come around to really enjoying it, maybe even loving it. Watching it with my two kids and my in-laws yesterday, I realized why it's that film for so many people. It's that film because they have memories of watching it just like how I finally…

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  • Kiki's Delivery Service

    Kiki's Delivery Service


    While basically using this as a palate cleanser after watching the befuddlingly bad Earwig and the Witch somewhat recently, it was quite wonderful to watch my two year old girl zoom around the living room, while watching this, screaming excitedly like she was on her own broom and declaring very loudly that her name was "Kiki".

    Ghibli does indeed produce pure, unadulterated magic 💫

    (save for Earwig that is 😏)

  • Mulan



    All the money Disney poured into this to make it a spectacle and you would think it would have the slightest bit of a soul to it. 

    Or, Disney just doesn't have a soul anymore ... which is the more likely truth.

    🗡️ Hot Take 🗡️
    No Mushu = no bueno. And that $30 Premiere Access fee is just about the only thing that's actually made me laugh in the last twelve months.