Southland Tales ★★★

If David Lynch has taught us anything it is that a narrative does not have to make complete sense for a film to remain engaging. Unfortunately, this film is even more opaque than the auteur's 2001 debut Donnie Darko. I would have to say though, I enjoyed myself. The film is not necessarily great. At least with Donnie Darko, you had a sense of what he was trying to get across - that notion in the back of you head kind of thing, but here, while this is a a very elaborate metaphor on the state of America, the world, Bush, and everything Kelly feels is wrong with us (displayed as a comedy) that will result in the end of the world, his main points are lost in the mess of all the subtexts. He seems to be making fun of everyone - this is why it's a comedy. In some aspects I think this could be brilliant, on the other hand, I think it could be terrible and muddled and probably quite missed the mark. I'm still not sure. I do know the only real problem I have with this film is that it is touching on the same themes from Donnie Darko. The world will end kind of thing, just on a larger scale. Plus, the eye of Seann William Scott's character is too reminiscent of Frank. It's like he's taken the ideas from Darko and expanded them here.

I think what worked with Darko was that film's small setting, whereas this is sprawled out idea needed a bit more work. I enjoyed the cast of, surprisingly, a great deal of comedians, along with a bunch of "popular" people (not necessarily A-list actors). Another point maybe Kelly is trying to make - he could've gotten those A-listers if he'd wanted to. Plus, who knew Dwayne Johnson could be convincing in a role.

A mess of interesting ideas.

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