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  • Fan Girl

    Fan Girl

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    Why do I get a feeling this comes not from any real attempt to understand fangirls, but more from a place of distrust, even contempt for them? It's the same heavy-handed logic that puts all blame on the masses for falling for the charms of a populist leader without paying due attention to the structural conditions in which their loyalty becomes possible, or necessary. Even before Charlie Dizon's Jane climbs up Paulo's truck, the film's already decided her fate, the…

  • Like Grains of Sand

    Like Grains of Sand


    Many coming-of-age films escape a fundamental fact about young adulthood: much of it is spent in confession. Young people just like to confess, in diaries, blogs, tweets⁠—first peddled via religion as healing, truth-telling has become the way to unearth a self. This film recognizes the centrality of confession to these characters' lives, and so sympathizes with both the practice and their resolve to confess. The characters are placed in therapy sessions, the more "rational" version of the confession ritual, to…