The Pest ½

Havent seen this movie in over a decade but you gotta check this movie out. John leguizamos a hustler that gets into a most dangerous hunt thing with some huge German dude, it's the dad from beetlejuice, and his weird son. He only gets a loincloth and a beaded shirt while they have full on safari gear. So Pest basically just runs through Miami trying to keep scamming and stay alive, at one point he poops in the woods and yells at a deer for staring at him then wipes with his socks. Gets picked up by the Scottish mob and does a great scotty impression CAPTAIN I CANNOT DOIT THE TELITHEAN CRYSTALS ARE BREAKING UP!! great movie, boats, guns, puking off said boats, Chinese food no msg and a lot of slapstick nonsense. well I make a boat now and sail away a lucky charms they're magically delicious hoshashashashaho

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