Insidious ★★★★½

I’ll be research-watching some horror movies this week for writing inspiration, particularly on how to build up to a big scare. Insidious has so many good ones, but what I found impressive this time around is how much longer it goes between scares in the final act. The periods of anticipating grow longer, and though you’re less jumpy than you are in the first hour, you’re even more tense waiting for something to finally go wrong. It allows for more of the plot and the mythology to be explained, all while maintaining the tone.

While most of the scares follow the same base formula of our protagonist spotting someone in her home, the way that person (or spirit) is positioned carries so much power. It’s terrifying when they’re standing still, staring right back at her, but I think the scariest one for me is when she sees the back of a man’s head as he dances to a song she wasn’t playing. So damn scary.

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