Paranormal Activity ★★

It did what it needed to do, but the random pacing of events and lack of significant scares made this an underwhelming experience. The ghost specialist (who is absolutely no help when it comes to demons, apparently) warns our charmless lead couple that the spiritual presence in their home can feed off of any negativity they create, yet that point is never expanded on. These people are a horrible fit for one another. Micah doesn't have any respect for Katie, and he actively goes against her every wish. This is exactly the kind of negativity that could make a spirit grow stronger, but the fact that of is mistakenly left as subtext. There's a much more compelling version of this film wear this struggling couple in their new home are being haunted more intensely as their relationship falters, but that idea isn't explored well at all.

We don't care much for these characters, nor is what happens to them particularly eventful of scary. Still, I am curious to explore the rest of the franchise come October in the hopes of finding something better.

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