Southland Tales ★★★★½

works on a level that I think is very easy to criticize, in that the overtness of its more political themes is itself a major part of the satire at the core of this. it's certainly not perfect, but its messiness really just works to its favor more than anything; this film is brimming with passion above all else. it's not quite as smart or stylish as Pynchon, Rivette, or Verhoeven, but it manages to evoke a great deal of what makes those artists so brilliant nonetheless. and most importantly, the heart of Southland Tales is bound to the story of Roland Taverner, a lost soul(s) unwittingly plummeted into the center of this clusterfuck, who, when the world is coming to an end, finally allows himself to be free. and it's absolutely gorgeous.

I forgive you. I forgive you. I forgive you.



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