The Father

The Father ★★★★★

From the first scene I realized that the story will be told from Anthony's mind. The sequence of Olivia to the flat while Anthony is listening to Music then he stops it when she arrives. We listen to the music while she's walking then it stops when Anthony stops it. That was the best directorial decision to tell this story, and it might be so generic and predictable but the way it executed, shooted, and edited that was different, practical and let us feel, see, and literally live Anthony's daily life.

So what exactly does the Alzheimer’s/dementia patient feel?

Everything is scattered, lost, and confusing. Literally EVERYTHING, including the persons he knows and trusts, his personal things, everything around him. Every new person is a source of intimidation, every new place he goes is a source of threat, every small change in anything around him is a big question and might be a crisis. Not only everything but also himself, His Identity itself. He doubts himself and the others.

Anthony Hopkins is incredible in reflecting all of that to us with his amazing and mind-blowing performance and to be honest this role might be a little easy especially there are no explosive moments (The last scene might be) but in general everything is calm and slow-paced. So you just need a professional actor to carry all those moments in this journey and let you feel him subtly and feel the hidden lines in between. Anthony Hopkins here introduces an acting masterclass and an important reference to other actors who are about to play such as characters. At certain point I felt like Anthony Hopkins himself had Alzheimer! To be precise i felt like i have it!! He made me cry from just a simple look from his eyes, movement of hand and a tone of his voice. To be honest before watching The Father I wished that Oscar should go to Riz Ahmed but if Sir. Anthony Hopkins didn't win, it'd be a serious catastrophe. As far as I know this is the only award that will make me angry and mad about the Academy this year. Everything is acceptable for me but this is NOT.

Olivia Colman is great as usual, I love her so much. She is one of the actresses that I hope to meet in person and talk about anything. Her role here is also a little sophisticated but she is amazing in letting you understand her and feel her feelings towards her father/husband and his condition.

I said it before and I'll say it again, the greatest achievement here is the directing and editing. In some scenes I literally forget how the scene started and ended and something weird happens.. i playback to make sure that actually happened, not a low focus of me! In general that's the feeling of the whole movie, you're not sure of anything like him. This Movie is an important reference to anyone who will make a movie about Alzheimer, dementia or an old-aged character.

In my life I have a point in some movies that when you start watching them, you end up like a different person.. you're not the same one who started. This movie is one of them.

Flawless, devastating and realistic to the most.

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