The Last Duel

The Last Duel ★★★½

When going into this film, you think about the generic medieval tales that came before it. What could possibly make this different? Well, Ridley Scott managed to structure this narrative, in a way that would change the viewer’s perception of these characters more than once. There are three chapters that explore different versions of the truth. The writing for The Last Duel combined with the subtle, emotional, and sometimes paralyzing execution of this story made for a tension-filled watch. Scott’s direction for each section highlighted the characters and their actual persona.

The script was elevated by its perfect cast. The performances from Matt Damon, Adam Driver, and the flawless Jodie Comer, brought this all together. There needs to be an appreciation for what Scott did here. The narrative structure will make you think about how people perceive you versus how you perceive yourself. How men perceive women acting civil or nice, and taking that as an invitation to do whatever they please. How women automatically know how to diffuse situations, by acting a certain way, to counter the energy that is radiating off of the men surrounding them. Being able to have three sides of the story, fully fleshed out, is what made this film so good.

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