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  • The Girl and the Spider

    The Girl and the Spider


    As with The Strange Little Cat, the Zürchers scrutinize the normal and render it anything but with the eccentricity of their style. Typical spaces we inhabit become charged with invisible conflict, relationships are imbued with the sheer intensity of unexpressed feelings and desire, and moments of restrained release are characterized by casual cruelty and subtle destructiveness. This time around they’re not as limited to the exclusively quotidian which, here, occasionally gives way to fairytale-like flights of fancy. It could be…

  • Monster Hunter

    Monster Hunter


    "However uneven, Monster Hunter’s virtues are of the rarest variety in this Marvel Cinematic Universe era filled as it is with tentpole content-vehicles founded on incessant, dense, vapid mythologizing where incoherent, visually sedative action scenes are bland non-happenings that only articulate in the most rudimentary way: a plot point. A fights B in order to achieve X. But in Anderson’s cinema, it’s the inverse: it’s the gestures that matter, the expressions themselves. Sure, A fights B, but it’s how that…

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  • Showgirls



    35mm, The Royal
    Remind me to never see this with an audience ever again.
    A ruthless and clear-eyed indictment of American culture captured in the form of a backstage melodrama in Vegas where people have sold their souls long ago for dreams they think are their own. The hyperbolic consumerism and dehumanization of Vegas serves as a microcosm through which to view capitalist American ideology at its purest. Bodies as currency, sure, but worse, all people are on…

  • Glass



    Hoping to trick some unsuspecting outlet into letting me write on this, so for now: Glassterpiece.