Escape from New York

Escape from New York ★★★

Escape From New York fits pretty well into the current zeitgeist and collective memory of the 80’s. Like Kung Fury or Turbo Kid that captures what’s essential just a premise measuring contest. 

Like “It’s 2004. Planet Earth is a giant spaceship hovering over the Golden Gate Bridge while the mad scientist president of America attempts to weaponize the last endangered mammals in the world, as his previous dinosaur-wrestler-hybrid experiment went wrong. It’s up to Lightning Colt to break into The United States of America HQ in North Korea, and stop the president from eradicating what’s left of the planet.” Stuff like that. 

I generally like Carpenter. He’s a great visual director, and with The Thing he shows off some of the most massive suspense gains from any filmmaker. That’s nowhere to be found in Escape from New York, but it’s definitely good fun.

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