WWE Royal Rumble 2021

1. Women’s Tag Team Match- I was really conflicted with this match because I didn’t feel as if Charlotte Flair and Asuka are a legitimate tag team and I didn’t want Nia Ajax and Shayna Baszler to become two time champions before the IIconics. Either way I didn’t feel good about the ending
2. WWE Championship Match- Thank God Goldberg lost
3. WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship Match- I’ve always been a fan of Carmella so I’m glad she’s really improved her wrestling. I’m glad she’s safe after that suicide dive 
4. Women’s Royal Rumble Match- All I wanted going in was an IIconics reunion and not only did we get that but Billie Kay stole the beginning of the match. Happy with Bianca winning although I do think that Rhea needed that win more
5. WWE Universal Championship Match- Absolute banger of a match that got ruined by the horribly botched ending. Not much of a Last Man Standing Match when the last man standing loses
6. Men’s Royal Rumble Match- Not only was Daniel Bryan not the winner nor even in the final four but the winner was Edge, a man who had not been active for months but truly didn’t need this win because there’s no way he wouldn’t already have been in Wrestlemania