Thirteen ★★★★½

I'll be upfront here: I don't know how much this rating is effected by my experiences of a similar situation, I just can't know that. But since I do have experience with this kind of thing, I can see that this gets so much right. You'd be forgiven for thinking it's some kind of over-dramatic after school special psa-core, but outside of a plot elements here or there this is unmistakably real. Evan Rachel Wood and Nikki Reed are both fantastic, especially for then being young, and Holly Hunter makes the surprising Oscar nom become not so surorising. I don't think I live the visual style or direction overall, but there's nice moments and one confrontation that's shot in a way I've literally never seen before and it really works. Massive surprise for me, wouldn't have expected this after seeing Twilight.

It was honestly surreal seeing some of this stuff and piecing together what might've been going on just beyond what I was able to see at the time. A bummer for sure, but a good one.

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