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  • Streets of Fire

    Streets of Fire

    Lane, Madigan, Moranis, Dafoe, Townsend, Paxton, Nicks, Seger, Petty -- a bizarre constellation of talent. Hill really milked every possible angle out of the underside of those elevated train tracks. Turns out my "two piece overall" idea is no match for Dafoe's "high waisted leather overall," but I feel proud to have left it all out on the field. Here's the results of the hair pageant: second runner-up, Willem Dafoe, excellence in silhouette; runner-up, Bill Paxton, outstanding structural integrity; winner,…

  • To Die For

    To Die For

    The first of two movies in a row where EVERYONE was in it, though my biggest surprise was that Dick Lemon wrote it. George Segal hosing down a dry run of his Jack Gallo days, terrific. And we really let Danny Elfman get away with doing the same this for decades. My favorite Elfman trivia is that he and Kim Gordon dated in high school, an implicit competition he always loses.

    The final film in my accidental 90s Kidman film…

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  • End of the Century

    End of the Century


    Liberated from the gay 101 politics of Weekend, End of the Century is able to live in quiet details. No need to talk about the closet when instead a character can serve up milk-based cocktails. It’s cinema. The audience can know without words.

    Another queer film to which End of the Century might draw comparisons: Desert Hearts, the lesbian romance set in Reno, Nevada, where all you need to get rid of your husband is a 30 day residency. At…

  • She-Devil



    While I am anti
    - blaming the other woman for the affair

    I am very pro
    - cooking the hamster
    - mixing up old people's pills
    - dramatically rolling off pool floaties
    - First Wives Clubbing Ed Begley Jr