• Collateral



    Redlight, Max.

  • What If Black Boys Were Butterflies?

    What If Black Boys Were Butterflies?


    "No more shit on the news about cops killing us"

    What a incredible way to express utter pain and grief within a community.

    Unbelievably emotional score with a amazing voiceover expressing the freedom they could have with these lives being saved.

    Unfortunately there is still racial issues across the world and shorts like these put things into perspective, and makes you realise people fear everyday for their lives.

    We have alot to do still.

  • Austin Powers in Goldmember

    Austin Powers in Goldmember


    Still blows my mind Beyoncé is in this

  • Vert



    Incredibly shot visuals, lighting is perfection.

    What a random one from Nick Frost!

    Concept's like these need more surface coverage, especially now people are feeling more comfortable sharing such intricate secrets. Really hoping to see a feature based on these types of concepts.

    You can tell why it was selected for SXSW.

  • Lavender



    There's such a subtle significance with kickstarted short films that shows within the writing and the concept.

    You can tell this project has been passionately made with the idea being a longing thought for a while.

    Incredibly inspiring short which expresses the details of a 3 person relationship with the personal elements of what that entails with a ever so subtle touch.

  • Wind in the Trees

    Wind in the Trees

    Recently completed a article about my filmmaking and photography! If you’re interested link is here!


  • Judas and the Black Messiah
  • The Procedure

    The Procedure



    Should i laugh or be freaked out, I'm completely surprised that's for sure.

    Sometimes with such a short runtime it's difficult to express a narrative, especially something very niche and selective.

    But this captures everything a narrative short film is about.

    Small details, well written script and incredibly produced visuals.

  • The Starr Sisters

    The Starr Sisters


    "Serenity is in this room"

    This is so terrifically made, the score is to die for!

    Their lives when they were kids were so sad but incredibly interesting to hear their takes and how they're coped with such trauma growing up. I really hope they are involved in a longer documentary.

    The animated graphics/style whilst they're having their talking heads are NEXT LEVEL.

    God give me the skills to design a film like this.

    The Star Sisters are so fun though i want to spend a day with them telling me stories.

  • Green



    Elegantly shot, on the streets of NYC.

    Amazing that Sundance awarded this "Shorts Jury prize"

    The subtle showing of the racial issues within big cities is extremely relatable and powerfully displayed, it's unfortunate these racial issues still exist in such westernised cultural cities but it shows more than ever that we always need to our bit to keep people feeling welcome.

  • Phosphenes


    can whoever keeps changing the edits/posters of my recent short on TMDB pls stoppp my director profile has been now deleted because of the constant edits being made!!!

    You should be able to have which ever poster you desire for your film etc, i made mine specifically and someone has made this one and keeps editing the page!!! plsssss if you know who is doing it plss tell them to stop

  • Zoolander



    Wait a minute. I might just have an idea. They'll be looking for us at Maury's right? But they won't be looking for... not us.