Ready Player One

Ready Player One ★★★★

Ready Player One is truly a blast and one helluva a fun time. Steven Spielberg has given us a pop culture galore that blew my mind the first time around. Watching it again it is just as good as the first time around.

I love the world building in this movie because it feels so huge and it looks so beautiful that I want more of this. I wanted to delve deeper into this world and just like that my prayer gets answered because Spielberg takes us deeper. The places that we visit in this film are beautiful and it really is wonderful.

The characters are really great, I mean everyone is likeable and everyone is relatable to. The cast does a solid and very great job. Tye Sheridan is a perfect lead and he is just fun to watch. Lena Waithe's performance is my favorite in the whole film, I couldn't get over her charisma and charm, I loved her! Ben Mendelsohn will always be great villain, and he played a great villain in this. You can really tell he had fun with this role and I loved seeing him as the big corporate baddie. Olivia Cooke is also really fun in the film. Everyone in this film is charismatic and gives their best.

Set pieces are incredible, there are so many memorable and fun pieces I was pleasantly surprised with. The race sequence in the start was so thrilling and very intriguing and it was fun to see the characters figure out ways to come out on top. There was a whole sequence dedicated to The Shining and it was a blast, really it was a blast. The final battle was also very exciting and was a good way to put all out heroes and villains together to clash.

One big problem I had with the film was the CGI, it just didn't fit right and it was way too noticeable. I get that it's supposed to look like a virtual video game world but I really feel like they could've done better with it. The next issue I had was the pacing because it feels a little way too long, like a whole thirty minutes too long. Rewatching this I notice a lot of scenes that could've been edited out to condense it and make it feel more tight. There's a lot going on in this film and I think some of that takes the enjoyment out of it.

I had fun with Ready Player One, I think it was a blast, putting a smile on my face. I was engaged with the characters and the story, the virtual world of the Oasis is beautiful and huge. I'm happy I was able to enjoy it and wasn't let down.

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