Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★

Once a upon....in Hollywood is the equivalent of a binge-series all in one viewing, you got a intriguing pilot episode that sets everything up from the characters, the bright colourful decade of the late 60's then follows your more typical filler ones, lots of screen time on small moments or specific character. Yeah it does drag a bit, takes its time granted but still enjoyable, more set up happens, some comic moments and later leads to a more closing actionly satisfying selection, which offered the goods you want and ends on bittersweet tone.

This film feels like a more chilled relax back Tarantino feature, something he wanted to make before his retirement. It feels more personal then a simple love letter for the ages or easy nostalgic trip in the past...he did it for himself more anything. Its almost like giving the viewer a showcase tour guide into this world of 60's Hollywood, a style of films or actors that we'll never see again, a living breathing time bubble that marks end of era, before things got dark and everything changed.

The acting is superb from everyone, so many guest cameos here that all offered some chemistry or shine towards our main electric duo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt finally working together on screen. Both characters were interesting, funny and over the top. Margot Robbie was definitely more a supporting background character, there's plenty of scenes with her but i do wish there was more in my honest opinion.

The question you got ask yourself, "Was the whole package worth the experience? Would go ahead for another binge-watch?" is it something that your going to rush again to see or appreciating within a specific once in awhile viewing.

I can understand if someone didn't like this or even find it boring, it's presented like a whole season within 3 hours with different things happening and little over arching story. I get it....its his most personal, anti Tarantino movie yet. There are issues with number of choices made but a purely comes down to your individual enjoyment.

I enjoyed it, i would watch it again but definitely the most niche within the collection of his movies in my opinion.

See for yourself folks!

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