I hate to be That Person but it absolutely does have too many endings.

That said? Solid showing from M. Night.

In some ways Old feels like the first totally complete statement from this gnarlier, icier new stage of Shyamalan's career. He's flipped away from the quasi-Spielbergian approachability of his earlier works into something more pulpy and raw. It's taken him a bit to find his tonal footing (the excellent Glass felt more like his parting love letter to the first phase of his career to me than of apiece with this new phase) but Old lands on something that really feels confident in what it is.

It doesn't quite stab into the weight class of films like Unbreakable and Signs for me yet, but after Old I'm confident he's still capable of it. And Night being on his game is great news for everybody. The cinema deserves a craftsperson with his passion and formal inventiveness out here making hit thrillers. The Movies are alive and well.

The Alamo Drafthouse in Downtown LA

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