Ready Player One ★★★★

Steven Spielberg's action-adventure ode to pop culture of the 80s, Ready Player One, offers an exciting escape to a virtual reality with large set pieces and action sequences that leave you with a smile at the end of its 144 minute runtime. In addition, it's commentary on technological  future is well appreciated as well. However, Spielberg's novel adaptation leaves you yearning for more with the real-world individuals behind the avatars and real-world. consequences of the Oasis and Samantha's rebellion, especially with the performance Olivia Cooke gives. Tye Sheridan pulls off a great live-action and voice performance. However, my standout belongs to Olivia Cooke whose performance is electric and nuanced. Opposite of her performance in my current third favorite film of 2018 as of this film, Thoroughbred, Cooke is just a fantastic rising actress on screen and I look forward to seeing more of her. At the end of the day, Ready Player One is a good adventure movie that sorely lacks stakes due to a lack of time spent with the counterparts behind the avatars, who I really cared for.

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