Soul ★★★★

Loved this to pieces. It bounces around the same playground of worlds inside of worlds that Pete Docter has previously explored, and it'll no doubt get knocked around for structural similarities to INSIDE OUT, but I'd make the case that it could easily be viewed as a sequel or at the very least, a natural extension from it rather than a kind of copycat. If that film is about the reconciling of sadness and the vital role it plays in childhood, then SOUL is about the reconciling of routine and daily living in adulthood -- the necessary things we shuffle through in order to get onto the real things are themselves the elements that are the most important. It's the gentle wisdom you'd expect from Pixar combined with the grand conceptual ambition from a storyteller like Docter and an abstract visual aesthetic from someone like Don Hertzfeldt -- it's beautiful and delightfully bizarre the whole way through.

*Also - if Jorden Walker is reading this, yes I'm aware that the comment I made about SOUL nine months ago didn't age well. Thanks for reminding me on every single review I've written here since.