The Bourne Legacy ★★

If there was ever a trilogy that never had enough interesting going on with its characters or plots to justify a spin-off, it's the Bourne franchise.

This has a good cast who are all very watchable. But everything else is terribly uninteresting, especially as the fourth entry in a series. It's more of what we've been given in previous movies, which is a problem considering this all felt thin and tired by the third movie.

More fight scenes, more people at computers, more running, more driving, more shooting, more serious people having boring meetings about god knows what. Oh look, Bourne v2 is on a motorbike - I wonder if he'll find some stairs to ride down.

Just give me one character worth a damn please. You've got all these great actors, give us one decent character. But this series has no characters at all and either does this entry. They're all just things - nonentities doing whatever the plot needs them to do.

Enough already.

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