Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★½

Listen, I hate my life so deeply, if I had two million dollars, my life would change drastically.

This is what I fear The Suicide Squad will turn out like. A hyper-violent, overly long, and remarkably shallow action film with a lot of forced humor.
Army of the Dead shows nothing more than how Zack Snyder can certainly direct, but he does have trouble with the writing side of things. The film looks astounding, with a lot of gratuitous violence in some really well shot action sequences. However, the characters are two dimensional cutouts, seeming to follow every cliché in the book, and the story is largely forgettable. The pacing is awful, the film really drags. The moments where characters are supposed to be developing are largely uninteresting, and the dialogue doesn't feel as natural as it thinks it is.
There is still things to enjoy here, it really is a turn-your-brain-off-and-enjoy type movie, and those films definitely have their audience, but sadly that does not include me.

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