Sound of Metal

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This review may contain spoilers.

everything about this was as good as i'd heard: riz ahmed deserves all the accolades he's getting, but damn olivia cooke and paul raci are right there with him, and even the smaller parts are perfectly filled out.

i cannot tell you how much i loved the penultimate scene, when ruben figures out that lou doesn't want to go back to their old life based solely on her scratching her arm (a bad habit she had had, but had kicked while he was away). i feel like a lot of films would've had him be kinda clueless and not fully pick up on that, and forced some speech from her, and i was literally saying "please pick up on it please pick up on it" while it was happening. i'm not sure if the intent there was to show a result of his time being deaf and having to learn sign language and how to pick up visual cues, or if it was just meant to be indicative of the depth of their relationship, but either way god bless director darius marder and his co-screenwriters.

one of the best of 2020

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