The Irishman

The Irishman ★★★★★

Scorsese's greatly anticipated crime drama epic is a sprawling, mammoth film that moves with novelesque structure and pacing, flowing naturally through profound, funny and sometimes very plaintive character conversations along with flashes of the brutal violence one would expect from a film considered part of a thematic trilogy with Goodfellas and Casino.

Although the employs similar motifs to the previous films, it feels like a tonally refreshing depiction of the criminal underbelly by its ending, for it strips back the mystique and glamour of the mafia lifestyle and opts instead to show old, weak and sorrowful old thugs with their time running out.

The cast, the main hitters of which are comprised largely up of Scorsese movie veterans along with first timer Al Pacino are unsurprisingly phenomenal in their roles, embodying the with perfection and being never less than utterly compelling whenever they are the on screen. For my money this doesn't come close to the sheer perfection of Goodfellas (which it inevitably, whether fairly or not, draws much comparison to) but it is top tier gangster cinema all the same.