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This review may contain spoilers.

THOSE FUCKING CRONENBERGS MAKING ME WANT TO SCREAM ONCE ADAMNGAIN. I feel like it’s hard not to compare this to David’s work, not only because they’re father & son, but because this reminded me so much of eXistenZ, another classic with the incredible Jennifer Jason Leigh. David’s style, while mostly having a nihilistic outlook, bears borderline campiness, making even the worst possible situations a good time. Brandon’s direction still remained true to his father’s outlandish fascinations (which I loved), however, he went down a more modern, disturbing route, filling my entire body with dread and anxiety with every second. The minute Vos took control of Colin’s body, I immediately became overwhelmed with discomfort for two reasons: I have a huge fear of not being in control of my mind, and the thought of having to live someone else’s life, copying every single quirk about them is unbearable. There’s so much to love here: the perfect build up to a disturbing finale, mesmerizing colors during the states of unconsciousness, and, most importantly, Andrea Riseborough. She will be the horror icon the new decade, mark my damn words. So impressed & so happy I finally got to see this!

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