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  • Little Joe

    Little Joe

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    This movie made me feel really bad about taking anti-depressants! I am curious to know what the creators were critiquing. Then again, does it matter? Movies are more of a portal to how a series of images resonates with the collective viewership. They're Rorschachs and litmus tests to show us how we feel. But we all know that filmmakers use musical cues to tug at our heartstrings extra hard, that we are presented with hyper-dramatic situations that don't actually reflective…

  • Brand New Cherry Flavor

    Brand New Cherry Flavor

    an occasionally uncanny, derivative, cinematic fetch quest. BRAND NEW CHERRY FLAVOR is at its best when not emulating Lynch shot-for-shot (i.e. Boro's introduction = Mystery Man's introduction in Lost Highway; the powerful film execs reviewing Lisa's movie = the 'this is the girl' scene from Mulholland Drive) Lisa's violent ricochet between stone-cold determinist & flitty-eyed weirdo never quite feels believable. The film Lisa created that's caught the eyes of so many in Hollywood is just completely unbelievable-- it looks totally generic!

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  • The Social Dilemma

    The Social Dilemma

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  • Desert Hearts

    Desert Hearts

    Thank goodness for this movie! I wish I could say we've made strides in LGBTQ+ cinema since, but this 1985 movie remains on the slightly more positive side of representation. For the movie, that is good, as it is not outdated! For the world, not so much-- why is a movie about largely unrequited queer love still how we tell stories about gayness? Perhaps this is a problem with the world outside of movies, but I think the more outright…