Safety Not Guaranteed ★★★★½

Once again a small indie film comes out and proves to be fun, charming and ultimately express a deeper sentiment about how we all share in our common experience.

Aubrey Plaza (Parks & Recreation) proves that she can do more than just her bone dry character she plays on TV. She can be a romantic lead as a sort of awkward magazine intern who has never had much luck with meeting the right guy.

On a mission to write an "amusing story" for Seattle Magazine on a self professed time traveler (Mark Duplass as Kenneth), Darius (Aubrey Plaza) slowly begins to fall for the "is he crazy or not" adventurer who lives by his own rules. He is just quirky enough to attaect Darius though, who is quite quirky herself. Of course the biggest question is just how nuts is this guy.. or is he??

The very interesting part of this film is the character sketches created just below the basic plot. Not only for Darius and Kenneth but also for Jeff (Jake Johnson), Darius' boss at the magazine. While the main plot focuses on Darius's quest to understand Kenneth, Jeff also "travels back in time" (not literally) to re-kindle something with an old girlfriend from his past who lives nearby. What could have just been a hollow side-plot plays into the grand theme of "going back" to solve mistakes made in life. These ideas even move to the geekish Arnau (Karan Soni) who, as pushed by Jeff, moves to 'fix" his life before he gets too old and does not truly experience the moment.

In the end the true gold here is the theme of returning to the past to fix problems and even more so the idea of people needing each other in the journey of life; the "moving around in time" with someone who has your back.

Not everyone will see the theme and character arcs being pushed here. There is major change and growth in characters which speaks to us about our own lives today.

Much respect to writer Derek Connolly for bringing these characters to life. Much respect also to first time Director Colin Trevorrow for bringing it all to life, obviously on a very modest budget.