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  • Paddington


    Watched Run so many times this week, I needed a dose of the opposite. This made me smile from beginning to end.

  • In the Mood for Love

    In the Mood for Love

    Wow, you know?

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  • Contagion


    Watched during the COVID outbreak. How this movie has a 3.3 here baffles me. What’s wrong with us?? This is a 4.1 - a non-stop, “who’s-who-of-Hollywood” pulse-pounder that worked even before every scene became highly relevant to our pandemic. Its filmmaking feels like a virus; it moves fast and exponentially — without empathy or hand-holding. Characters appear and disappear like tweets - here one moment, dead the next. Wash your hands.

  • Tenet


    What a burden this movie carries.

    So much about the film industry’s future, the theatrical future, a health crisis’ future, Nolan’s dominance all play into the narrative that is TENET. It’s a burden too heavy for any movie to carry. And, as it turns out, TENET is actually just a movie, too. 

    It’s visually exciting and confusing, momentous and confusing, thrilling and confusing and possibly brilliant but still definitely too confusing to tell. Without giving much away, there’s a very clear midpoint…