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  • Eros Eterna

    Eros Eterna

    With such a premise this could've been such a fun adventure film full of life lessons but instead they had to make it horny and misogynistic... we can't win them all I guess.

  • Forest of Oppression — A Record of the Struggle at Takasaki City University of Economics

    Forest of Oppression — A Record of the Struggle at Takasaki City University of Economics

    Youth rebellion in the late 60s was spreading everywhere, even (or arguably, especially) in the japanese countryside, including this relatively unknown technical university in Gunma. We follow students as they fight for their right to fight more than their briefly mentioned initial cause. These students wanting to be heard crash against the wall of the ruling class that they refer to as Power, and their fiery spirits burn just as intensely as any Tokyo student's would. They seem to grasp…

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  • Hot Gimmick: Girl Meets Boy

    Hot Gimmick: Girl Meets Boy

    Hot Gimmick is so misunderstood it makes me almost angry. It's like everyone sees dysfunctional relationships and people with issues and assumes right away they're romanticized instead of being shown bare like real shitty humans in real shitty circumstances struggling and crawling for something better. The main character is so pitiful, the men around her are manipulative and insecure and predatory, isn't that how life is sometimes? But realizing your body, you face and voice and hands are all yours…

  • Spiral


    Ito Junji understands probably more than anyone what scares us to the deepest of our soul. I remember reading Uzumaki for the first time and freezing in terror at the horrifying images, but also feeling the dread and despair in front of something so inexplicable. Why are spirals scary? Because they're mundane, everywhere no matter who or where you are. So why is Uzumaki scary? Because it takes that mundane thing and transforms it into a lovecraftian force that affects…