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  • The Shining

    The Shining

    So that was actually a super peaceful, beautifully created movie from tracking shots to colours to mix ups to cinematography. Nice use of shadows and mirrors. Feels like the genesis of survival horror video games with those mannerisms and movements. Everything seems to make sense when it fits just right and feels deliberately done, especially how Jack's character is built up towards the end. It meshes just right.
    Scary? No. Beautiful? Yes.

  • Bambi


    Ass humour
    Bisexual skunk
    Probably the most sex in a Disney movie
    Amazing use of lighting and layers, great music and animation timing along with such elegant and joyful movement

    I remember feeling very cold and alone at that moment when watching on vhs but now it's a nice musical little trip.

    Teaching kids guns are evil since 1942