Sans Soleil ★★★★★

“I took the measure of the unbearable vanity of the West, that has never ceased to privilege being over non-being, what is spoken to what is left unsaid."

for fans of t.s. eliot’s “the wasteland”. in other words, inaccessible and highly referential but with moments of undeniable lucid genius.
this film is so dense and hyper self-aware that in the process of thinking about the function of gaze and exoticism and whether it manages to escape painting “culture” through an imperialist lens it said excuse me annie you think you’re in a position to analyze this shit? you can’t! it evades analysis even as it practically begs you to think! 
i was fluctuating between...this is so elitist and pretentious to....this is really fucking smart to....this isn’t about “smart” in the way i think about smartness.....
the motherfucking gaze y’all. i mean. this is how you play with film as a medium, IMO. 
i repeat that this is so dense and a rewatch is absolutely required for me to even scratch the surface here.
uh i mean sonically and visually it’s a treat, but it’s also underpinned by a sense of violence and constant rupturing that changes what i mean when i say it is truly a beautiful film. 
thesis contender.

p.s. because i haven’t stopped thinking about it this film is a modernist novel in action in so many ways like james joyce’s spirit is alive and well in all of his pretentious tender violent spiraling human brilliance ok goodnight

p.p.s. u thought i was gone ha. just wanted to say i can totally see how someone would hate this too because it does indeed have an unbearably pretentious tone at times. but like. i really battled with it and i can confidently say this has made me think in new ways and left lingering questions and images and i think that’s ultimately what makes a successful film. so obviously it’s subjective. but yeah i think this has an inventiveness that gives it the quality of a masterpiece.

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